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One of the great innovations of the NFT market in 2023 was the dissemination of Zora's Freemints and Protocol Rewards. We believe that the mixed sales model for the art market is essential for the dissemination and democratization of art around the world, and for it to work there must be cheaper means of access to art.

So, in addition to the exclusive art (1/1) and limited editions we produce, we have also started producing collections of open editions in the freemint model, where we are remunerated through Zora's Protocol Rewards.

The 'Freedom is to be Ramdom' collection will be our flagship freemint collection at Zora.

This is an anti-algorithmic collection. No themes, no barriers, no limits, no bubbles. Everything at once now.

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Reiniscouple is the onchain art project by Brazilian photographers Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis.

Photographers active since 2007, both entered the world of onchain art in 2020 and created the Reiniscouple project in March 2021.

Since then, they have dedicated themselves to launching photography collections and works with image manipulation, including manipulations with the help of artificial intelligence.

Their work can be found on the Ethereum, Base, Optimism and Tezos networks.

They have also become collectors and curators of the Brazilian onchain art gallery ZERO14. From 2022 onwards, they have organized and produced several IRL and virtual exhibitions of onchain art in Brazil.

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