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Our art navigates between traditional and conceptual photography,
through the use of techniques such as ICM and multiple exposure, and in
the last year some of our work has also explored the intersection
between photography and artificial intelligence (post-photography).

Latest collections

"Symbiosis" is a series of artworks that delves into the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence in the realm of creativity and intellectual exploration. Inspired by J.C.R. Licklider's visionary concept from 1960, this series embodies the fusion of human creativity and AI's computational power.

Each piece in "Symbiosis" is a testament to the collaborative process between the artist and AI, reflecting Licklider's idea of a cooperative interaction where humans set goals and parameters while AI assists in executing complex, routinizable tasks. The artworks, diverse in form and substance, capture the essence of this partnership, symbolizing the potential for AI to augment human thought and creativity.

The series poses a profound question: "Is this the beginning, or the end?" This inquiry is not just a contemplation of the future of human-AI interaction, but a philosophical exploration of the evolving nature of art, creativity, and intelligence. The artworks challenge viewers to reflect on the role of AI in art and the broader implications of this symbiosis for society and future innovation.

"Symbiosis" invites viewers to witness a harmonious blend of human creativity and machine precision, showcasing how AI can be an extension of human expression rather than a replacement. Each artwork, while rooted in technology, resonates with human emotions and intellectual depth, offering a glimpse into a future where human and artificial intelligence coalesce to create new forms of artistic expression. It stands as a compelling representation of the potential heights that such a partnership can reach, and a reflection on the boundaries and possibilities that define our co-evolution with technology.
Our latest Foundation Drop. A collection of 17 images created from photographic concepts in cooperation with AI, which go through the 4 seasons of the year.

Network: Ethereum
Mint price: 0.009 eth


Our newest virtual exhibition
Virtual gallery with the newest exhibition we've put together, with part of our collection of works acquired in recent years.

Reiniscouple is the onchain art project by Brazilian photographers Shirley Reinis and Oliver Reinis.

Photographers active since 2007, both entered the world of onchain art in 2020 and created the Reiniscouple project in March 2021.

Since then, they have dedicated themselves to launching photography collections and works with image manipulation, including manipulations with the help of artificial intelligence.

Their work can be found on the Ethereum, Base, Optimism and Tezos networks.

They have also become collectors and curators of the Brazilian onchain art gallery ZERO14. From 2022 onwards, they have organized and produced several IRL and virtual exhibitions of onchain art in Brazil.

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